Turkish Police Arrest 29 Protestors For “Inciting Riots and Conducting Propaganda” on Twitter

Peaceful Turkish Protestor On Top Of Ataturk Cultural Center

Another day of the #OccupyGezi aka #WeAreGezi Turkey protests has passed and the police brutality is still rampant with no end in sight. The Anonymous collective has hacked close to 150 Turkish websites including some of the Turkish government and those of pro-AKP media. On June 4, it was reported that In Izmir, 16 people had been arrested for encouraging people to revolt via social media networks like Facebook and Twitter. Iranian nationals, most likely refugees from Iran, also have been participating in the widespread demonstrations across Turkey and have been arrested. According to reports by Turkish pro-government media they were being accused of being possibly spies working for the Iranian government.

It was reported that Turkish cyber crimes police in Izmir had been conducting raids at 38 locations and arrested 24 people who are being “accused of using Twitter to urge people to come to the protests.” The were charged with using social media to ‘instigate public hatred and animosity’. Those police used their IP addresses to determine the residential addresses of the 38 suspects. But were only able to locate and arrest only 24 of them during their raids on the 38 addresses on June 4. Other reports stated various people were arrested for tweeting the picture below…

Voice Of Turkey - 29 People Arrested

The number of people in custody has now risen to 29 wanted tweeters and are said to be between 19 and 25 years old. The cyber crime police are still looking for the ten individuals. The lawyers who are currently representing the tweeters stated the 29 in custody do not know each other personally. But the legal cases for some reason are being handled by the organized crime division. According to media reports, lawyers representing those are in custody have stated that the police case files quote tweets about where to meet, where the police were in exact location, what the police were doing in that location and the names of volunteer doctors and lawyers as evidence.

Some of the Tweets had contained links to this video click here. In the video link you can see three Turkish officers run up out of nowhere to random people and hit them with their batons for no reason. According to the lawyers representing them, the public laws the they are being charged under are TCK 214 and TCK 217. Which are mainly for inciting the public to disobey laws, publicly inciting to commit a crime and also publicly inciting one section of the public to use arms to kill another section.

The families of the detainees gathered at the police station as well and were “very upset” over the incident. Kılıç said, “They say that they have shared similar posts as well, that the whole country did it. So they ask, ‘Why is it our children who experience such treatment?’ They also worry about freedom of speech.”

Syrian Electronic Army vs TurkGuvenligi Hackers

Anonymous collective had hacked the email server of the prime ministerial website and had released all usernames of the network, but without passwords. Ironically, at the same moment the Syrian Electronic Army managed to hack into the network of the Turkish minister of the Interior publishing users email-accounts and password information. Later it was reported that the sites users accounts had been suspended to avoid anymore exposure. Then Turkish hackers called TurkGuvenligi tweeted the SEA making threats saying that they would hack them if they keep provoking them.

Nobel Prize winner Orhan Pamuk wrote an article about the protesters published at Süddeutsche Zeitung calling Prime Minister Erdogan oppressive and authoritarian leader. From late in the morning several unions went on strike, among them municipal workers, teachers and lawyers. Marches and peaceful protests were being organized in Ankara, Istanbul, Bafra, Kocaeli, Antalya, Giresun, Hopa and Siirt among others. Around 10,000+ strikers had gathered in Kızılay square. Late in the afternoon the protests got violent after police tried to break up the demonstration with teargas grenades and water-cannons. Reportedly some people were wounded in the clashes.

In Rize (where Prime Minister Erdogan’s family originates) AKP voters attacked some protesters, injuring several of them. After dozens of AKP attackers violently stamped on the body of one of the female students. The riot police stepped in and had let the demonstrators escape to a nearby shop, while the violent crowd remained in front of the shop, shouting propaganda. When an ambulance arrived to take the woman away, demonstrators had left the building upon which the AKP supporters again attacked them. According to the AKP mayor of Rize the attackers were an “unknown group.”

It had been reported that Ethem Sarısülük, a Turkish activist was third person killed today. Sarısülük suffered a fatal head injury during the Taksim Gezi Park clashes in the capital city of Ankara. Two others have died in the protests: Abdullah Cömert, member of the Republican People’s Party (CHP), was shot and killed in Antakya on June 3, while Mehmet Ayvalıtaş was hit and killed after a car driver ignored warnings to stop for protesters in Ümraniye’s 1 Mayıs neighborhood on the night of June 2.

There were reports that the 3G signal in some areas of Turkey had been turned off. In response some shops and offices removed security from their Wifi networks. Rumors of media censorship led to increasing use of virtual private networks (VPNs) during the protests by Turkish mobile internet users. Let’s not forget what Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdoğan has said in regards to Twitter, “There is a trouble called Twitter. Unmitigated lies are there [on Twitter]. The thing that is called social media is a troublemaker in societies today.” Erdoğan is obviously delusional…

The goal of the protestors is Democracy and to have their personal freedoms. Their war against the Turkish government’s abuse of power has really nothing to do with religion. It looks like the western media has gotten it all wrong again by assuming the protests only have to do with Islamism and Secularism. That might be true for some but not for all. What do you think about the police violence and the way PM Erdoğan is handling things? Please share your thoughts, opinions and comments with me below…

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