“Warrior Angel” Tila Tequila Says She’s Winning The “Silent War” Against The Illuminati and Satan

Tila Tequila - Wearing Pink Bra - Hi Haters

I was bored and decided to take a look at Tila Tequila’s personal Facebook profile and her fan page to see what new nonsense she was brainwashing her “Tila Army” with. Lo-and-behold, I was reading more of the usual silly diatribe that is commonly seen on her almost daily updates. As of late, there has been some what of a minor change in wording that Tila is now using to describe her Freedom Fighter movement to her many sheepish followers that worship every picture and video she posts of herself.

On July 7, it appears from the context of her updates, Tila was having an energetic day. While making more interesting claims that made me giggle and shake my head in disbelief. Tila brought up her super powers telling her loyal readers how awesome she is. She claims that, “Holy crap last night I did it again… I blew out the lights because my energy was too high and I was too hyper to hone it in to control it. I hate it when that happens because it really scares people, and my friends were scared as hell just because I was able to make all of the lights flicker just by using my energy. I used to do it a lot for fun until I realized that people are SO SCARED of the unknown so now I just stop talking about it or even do it in public anymore… however, every once in a while when I’m having too much fun and I forget to keep my energy tamed.. I’ll blow out or make lights flicker every now and then…. and then I lose friends HAHAHAHA! :P” The hilarious comments don’t end there as Tila had made more grandiose claims about her untamed energy

Tila Tequila - Warrior Angels - Luciferian Minions - July 2013

The previous update shown above the screen shot was posted onto her personal profile followed up by more comments. Tila said, “I literally had to chase my friend to say “HEY WAIT UPPP I WAS JUST KIDDINGGGG OK OK I’LL STOP!” lmao Geeez can’t even have fun with my super abiliities without scaring folks… even tho I use those abilities to protect people… kinda like Dragon Ball Z and shit lol.”

As you can see from the update and comments above placed on her fan page, Tila seemed to be having a delusional mind scape again. On her personal page while also agreeing with a fan of hers, Tila claims that she has psychokinesis which is a term that groups her special abilities, that she claims to have obtained through studies.

On July 7, Tila was posting and flooding timelines with many updates containing half naked pictures of herself to entertain her male fans. She stated jokingly, “The Tila Fembot clones have arrived to take over the world! Prepare yourselves! Haha! Would you like to have your very own Tila sidekick to battle evils with? Lol” She told people who were commenting, “Don’t be fooled by some of my girly looks… I can kick some major asssssss!!! But you guys already know this! Either with my guns or my Swords! haha” Geez, why does this bitch think everything’s funny…

Tila’s strange Monday started really early, “OMG I am already up so fucking early and already bouncing off the walls!!! *Does 100 push ups* *Punches another hole in the wall* haha my energy is soooo crazy active it’s ridiculous! If I could sell my energy I would be making more than those slangin’ cocaine! lmao! My energy is that pure shit! The good shit…. how much you want? hahaha! Dude what’s there to do at this early ass hour? OMG I am about to die of boredom, and there are no zombies around right now to kill. *sighs* *Throws daggers*”

In another comment she replied to someone who called her out on her statements, “Go check out the posts on my other page where I have a few posts back to back about different subjects in psychology, cosmology and etc etc…. all those different subjects was because I was reading 3 different books on 3 totally different subjects and I finished reading them all in about an hour lmaoooo.” Explaining just how specially “talented” and ultra “gifted” that she claims she is, Tila replied with this magical claim, “Oh speaking of books I think I’ll go ahead and read this thick ass dictionary just to store new words in my vocabulary and scan the pages because that’s how I do things so fast. I can just literally scan anything like a computer and it will download into my brain. I can even look at someone and scan them to see if they are sick on the inside anywhere…. really.”

She told her “Tila Army” die hard fans, “Oh trust me I know what I’m talking about, but I’m not going to start listing my sources names just to get them killed… anyway believe me or not I don’t care… I just felt it inportant to let the people know the fucking truth. If you don’t like the truth… you are on the wrong side of the battle.” She didn’t forget to indulge and had reminded everyone, “People have been calling me “batshit craazy” for over a decade now… yet here I still stand and where are all these fools talking shit about me all of these years? oh right,.. NOWHERE!” Of course they’re not on her page talking shit to her and calling her out on her blatant lies she tells, because she banned them off of her fan page.

Tila Tequila - Silent Battle With Illuminati - July 2013

Earlier this morning, Tila’s obsessed fan aka celebrity stalker posted an update on her fan page and profile, “TILA IS BANNED FROM FACEBOOK FOR 30 DAYS. PLEASE SHARE THIS WITH EVERYONE! A NEW WEBSITE IS COMING SOON.” Along with a message from Tila that had said, “Hey hun facebook is SO LAME! They have once again banned me for 30 days for telling people the truth! This is utter bullshit once again. Please alert everyone and tell them to spread the word that I have once again been silenced for speaking the truth and trying to help people.”

Apparently, she’s pissed off and needing some attention. Tila was reaching out and bitching to “friends” about her alleged ban from Facebook. She contacted another follower using her private account telling them, “snakesbook is SO LAME! They banned me again for another 30 days for telling people the TRUTH! I have once again been silenced by these fucktards. I’m about to launch my own website and get the fuck off of this spy network for good! please let everyone know!”

Facebook is notorious for banning random people for various reasons that make no sense. There are at least 9 ways to get yourself banned, if you don’t follow their rules. The social network is famous for censoring people. On the other hand, Tila has claimed in the past that she was banned for 30 days and had lied about it. She says that she’s spreading “truth” and “helping people” that’s the reason why she was banned. I guess she forgot to follow their rules before spamming her wall.

As far as Tila’s website goes, she’s been working on it since 2012. No matter what she tells her gullible followers who believe her, it has been dragging on for over a year and will NEVER be fully completed. We also know that she has absolutely no intention of ever leaving Facebook since she gets the most responses and attention there. Why would she take a chance of losing her 1.9 million fans? Nope, it ain’t gonna happen…


  1. deluwiel says:

    she's come full circle. We're back at the beginning of her Illuminati conspiracy era again. Damn. I was hoping for something new and entertaining. Although this does make it much easier on Tuna. All she has to do is copy and paste from her own past comments and posts instead of having to make the last few brain cells she possesses work hard enough to come up with something new.

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