Farrah Abraham Calls Former Manager A “Lying Bitch” and Michael Lohan A “Horrible Person”

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Here we go again with more Backdoor Teen Mom unnecessary Farrah Abraham fuckery filled drama. This time there’s some nasty beef between Farrah and her now former manager Gina Rodriguez of GR Media Firm. Why does it appear that Farrah always has a difficult time maintaining any type of personal relationships with people?

It had been reported that she was being treated for alcohol abuse at The Lukens Institute in Palm Beach Gardens, which is a high-end rehabilitation center. Allegedly Farrah’s negative actions while at the treatment facility helped sealed the fate of what was to come. Counselors forced her to leave two days before she was expected to finish the course. A source said, “She will still graduate from the program, but in less time than it typically takes because her behavior became challenging.”

According to the story told, Farrah had managed to get involved in an argument with a on site nurse. Farrah tried to take some photos of another infamous patient, Patricia Krentcil better known as Tanning Mom (who is currently in rehab for her admitted addiction to “alcohol and Xanax”), during a group therapy session. Which had upset fellow patients and counselors. There were also complaints to management that she had been acting like a bully towards other patients who were also in treatment…

Gina Rodriguez and Farrah Abraham in San Francisco (Instagram)

The counselors were so fed up with her that they had made their first move against her prior to officially removing her the second time. The source had added, “This was a long time coming… Farrah pleaded with them to stay last week and pledged her commitment to the program. Lukens was reluctant but offered her a second chance. The staff didn’t throw her out then because they wanted her to get the treatment that she needs.” Farrah reportedly had caused another uproar when she allegedly invited a paparazzi photographer to the rehab center to take pictures of herself. The man was ejected from the facility’s grounds. Other poor behavior included a series of diva demands, such as requesting a juicer be delivered to her hotel.

During a recent interview with Fox 411, a disgruntled Farrah revealed that she blames her former manager, which she does NOT directly mention Gina by name. She claims that her former manager was allegedly spreading stories to various gossip sites saying that Farrah had been rushed out of her 10 day alcohol treatment program in Florida last week due to her being a disruptive influence’ on other patientsrecovery.

FOX411 asked: “What really happened [when you reportedly got kicked out of a Miami rehab facility]” Farrah’s response:My old manager, who is a lying bitch, said I was disruptive. I never said that. OK! Magazine this week has a huge exclusive.  I completed that whole 60 hour thing and now I’m on probation.”

Most of us are curious about the real story of what happened. Wet Paint had reached out to her former manager, who declined to comment. However, Gina did confirm that she had quit her job as Farrah’s manager prior to Farrah’s completion of the program. I think there is much more to this story and I will contact Gina to ask her side. There’s no guarantee that she’ll tell me anything because of a NDA contract between them.

Farrah Abraham Okay Magazine Tell All - July 2013

Farrah has been bragging that she’s a changed woman and a better person than she used to be. She was also asked if she was currently dating anyone. Farrah’s awkward response: “I’m not sexually active. I’m dating three people. I really like two. The gentlemen I’m dating are real businessmen who have their own companies and are very successful. They don’t pay attention to entertainment or the drama.”

Earlier this week TMZ reported that Farrah had allegedly been rejected by Playboy magazine two times. In response Farrah made a snarky comment towards the gossip site: “Really laughing at all the blog lie drama about Playboy, for the record ‘I never reached out’ nor do I care, if it happens they can pay up :)”

Farrah really tried to clear rumors up about the rehab drama to OK! Magazine during a recent tell-all style interview: “I wanted to improve myself even though I don’t have, like, an actual alcoholic issue.” She also added, “I take being a role model seriously. It’s basically intense therapy, like analyzing your emotions, your life as a child, your teen years through who you are now, your relationships, and understanding how you show anger, sadness, guilt, shame, joy.” Ironically, on July 9, which is the same day she allegedly got kicked out of rehab, she tweeted: “It feels good to complete a program that most can’t even start :) #Survivor

Gina Rodriguez and Farrah Abraham at Saddle Ranch

This isn’t the first time that she has had problems with rehab counselors. The director of a Texas based drug and alcohol education course, where Farrah was previously enrolled, had described her as having “difficulty making eye contact,” being very “standoffish and sarcastic when answering the questions asked of her.” What about Farrah having to take a breathalyzer test before she drives a car? Does that court order also apply to those luxury cars that she has access to from The Biggest Limo, located in Hollywood, California? Farrah had scored a endorsement deal with luxurious sports car rental which includes gifting her FREE USE of any vehicle from their fleet when she’s in Los Angeles visiting from her home of Austin, Texas.

Farrah wasn’t done throwing insults around about others and decided to attack another one of Gina’s clients Michael Lohan. Saying that Michael was a “horrible person” and she understood why Lindsay Lohan, who is currently in court ordered rehab, “has her issues.” Farrah told the magazine, “It’s sad that Lindsay has to deal with that.” Most would agree with her comment as Michael has said negative things about his daughter and done immature things to get the media’s attention.

The weirdest thing here is Michael is also currently a spokesperson for The Lukens Institute and had said that Farrah is really desperate to be famous: “When you look into her eyes, all you see black, darkness, evil.” Surprisingly adding, “She was the one who screwed her own manager who had helped her get out that dark “hole” she was in. The manager never screwed me or anyone I know, but I know she sure got screwed by Farrah. As did I.” Back on July 1, Michael said “(Farrah’s manager) contacted me regarding Farrah and the treatment program The Lukens Institute offers. It’s very individualized core issue and trauma therapy.”

This story sounds all to familiar as Nadya “Octomom” Suleman had been dumped by Gina just a few months after she completed her stint of outpatient rehab. The irony of this is Michael had recommended for Octomom to attend a different local outpatient facility, which didn’t end well. During February 2013, Gina revealed reasons why she dropped Octomom, “I quit because I could not work for her anymore. She never tells the truth to the point it affects me being able to work for her… Working for her is like taking care of a child, you have to literally do everything for her.”

What do you think about the latest strange relationship change between Farrah and her former manager Gina? What about Farrah’s feud with Michael? What do you think about Farrah now claiming that she doesn’t have an “actual alcoholic issue,” that she is dealing with. Please share your thoughts, opinions and comments below…



  1. Marie says:

    Farrah is a straight up lying whore who will take on anything for money nowadays, supposedly to open a restaurant which will most likely FAIL because nobody likes her. The fact that she called Trayvon Martin a "SHE" during that horrendous interview made me want to slap her in the face, as I'm sure it did a lot of others. This bitch is VERY full of herself and if she wants to become anything successful she needs to take some classes on how to be HUMAN. i don't like MJL either but he is right about Farrah's eyes being filled with nothing but evil. What I'm wondering is how much she paid her parents to stop talking about her the way they were…after she got paid from Vivid her and her mom started getting along and both parents have been silent. Farrah needs some class and needs to start owning the bs that comes out of her trap!

  2. JustMe says:

    I've watched this girl on Teen Mom since her episode aired and if she hasn't changed since then, she sure as hell won't ever change. She's a disgrace to her family and I feel so sorry for her daughter who she says can "watch my porno when she's 13 years old" and It's pretty easy to find out the truth about Playboy I hope she realizes that.

  3. Thank you for reminding me about that interview Marie…

    Farrah Abraham: 'Wait, Who's Trayvon Martin?'

    Farrah Abraham has NO IDEA who Trayvon Martin is — but she thinks Trayvon is a WOMAN she may have met … because Farrah Abraham is an IDIOT.

    "Backdoor Teen Mom" made the unbelievably stupid comments on the "Matty P's Radio Happy Hour" show … when the host asked how she felt about the Trayvon situation.

    "I feel like I've met her or something," Farrah blurted out of her stupid mouth … adding, "It sounds so familiar … I don't know what she is so I can't picture the person with the name right now."

    Farrah Abraham ladies and gentlemen … she's a fucking MORON. o.0

    Read more: http://www.tmz.com/2013/07/18/farrah-abraham-tray

    FULL INTERVIEW: http://www.blogtalkradio.com/rockydennisface01/20

    • Neners says:

      You heard how she tried to cover up her not knowing Trayvon Martin by saying he couldn't hear the question of the interview. Hahah nice try

  4. Diane says:

    don't like farrah but i believe her. the lukens rehab was an obvious set up for gina's clients. gina use to rep farrah, reps michael and reps the rehab as well. gina is known for pulling stunts for her clients. they pulled the same stunt with tan mom, octo mom and tila tequila and michael lohan was involved with every one of them. after octomom got out of rehab, gina turned on her too and started putting out negative stories about her and was gloating about them on twitter.

    we all know michael is a horrible father so she's not wrong and even lindsay has said her father causes chaos in her life. hell he's spent the last 3 months using lindsay's rehab stay to plug this rehab he's working for regardless of the stories he's putting are false, lindsay would never go to any rehab he was promoting and has betrayed her over and over again.

    farrah also claims michael is cheating on kate with gina. i would believe that too. there is even a picture from a few years back of michael grabbing gina's boobs. who acts that way with their manager/pr person. michael has been accused of cheating on kate before. kate was even with a woman he cheated with on dr drew's lifechangers back in 2011. this site has even posted tweets from women on twitter that claim he was having affairs with them. there have been at least 3 claims of him cheating.

  5. Gee-nah says:

    When did Farrah say that about Gina and Michael?
    Funny you say that because I heard from another one on Ginas clients that Michael and Gina are screwing, but I didn't think much of it because I thought Michael was single.

    I've also heard (from the same source) that octomom, Tila, and Farrah (and more) actually fired her, not the other way around, gina always uses the "I quit" defence to save face.

    Gina also apparently tried to force this other girl into porn, but luckily she wasn't quite gullible enough to believe Ginas promises that she'll become rich and famous like Kim kardashian.

    I hear so much bad stuff about gina from one of her own clients ..it's shocking.. She is universally hated, even by her own kind. When I see these articles come out after clients dump her saying bad stuff, it's so obvious gina planted the stories to get revenge.

    I heard gina intentionally caused the Farrah sextape debacle..she wanted to make the scandal, she wanted Farrah to be caught out lying because she thought it'd get even more publicity, she had a deal with Deen all along, and vivid too, her and Steve had a deal..
    Gina convinced Farrah to take a minuscule flat rate, instead of a percentage, which was the most idiotic thing in the history of the universe. It was the highest selling sextape in history, and Farrah got screwed out of millions. Gina probably made more than Farrah did on the deal. Farrah has every right to be angry at gina, and to have dumped her.

    As much as a dislike Farrah, Gina is an evil, money grubbing woman.. She will do whatever it takes for a buck. She doesn't care how humiliating it is to her clients.. Whatever brings in the dough.. Somehow she still manages to look ratty and poor… I wonder where all that money goes?

    Oh yeah, remember when octomom said gina forced her to take drugs?
    Farrah used to be pretty clean cut, then gina signed her and all these stories about her drinking and partying came out..probably to get publicity, and even more publicity for a rehab opportunity..DUI, etc

    Oh yeah, about the DUI, here's the kicker: Gina was the one who alerted the cops.. So I've heard.. Apparently she gloats about it and laughs about it to other clients

    • Diane says:

      apparently she said michael and gina were sleeping together on a radio show the other day, 107.5 KZL. she also said the charlie sheen incident was a set up stunt by gina. i wouldn't be surprised about any of that. you can tell gina is behind the negative octo mom stories, she's been gloating on twitter about how everything is going to come out. i also believe the deal with vivid, she's now getting another client to do a sex tape with vivid, saying the same exact thing, that they want to be the next kim kardashian. gina doesn't care how her clients come out looking in the media, as long as they are in the media. she makes fools of her own clients for money and they don't even see it or maybe don't care.

      this is the link to the story: http://www.heavy.com/entertainment/2013/07/farrah

  6. DontBeGreedy says:

    In the end, these are all people who are trying to stay in the game out of their own greed. Like it or not, every single last one of those people named have received a rather large (if not unusual for who they are) payday because they took what was still available to them after they ruined their lives. All of these people are unmanageable. Farrah must have also been unable to find proper management or she wouldn't have signed with Gina.

    Excellent stories of what happens when you're too greedy and sign a deal with the Devil.

  7. Anon says:

    This GR Media Group and roster of clients including Michaeljlohan ("interventionist and representivtive and recovery expert") for TheLukensinstitute LLC.,.(another client) ………….is all one big group of #uckery…….and with fraudsters that orchestrates fake stories, and exploit and re-victimize GR Media Groups own clients like rehab patients lPatricia Krentcil (tanmom), and Farrah Abraham, former client Nadya Suleman (octomom)………. connect the dots….
    !!!!!BS Alert!!!!!!!!
    Sydney leathers @sydneyleathers_ (from her twitter)
    "If anyone needs me for a photo shoot or an explicit interview please contact my publicist at: info@grmediafirm.com" (9:11am – 29 Jul 13)
    It's immoral, unethical, and illegal when it breaches state & federal laws, (Privacy Rights) and it can be criminal when done with malice, and to cause harm. (IMHO), Violates HIPAA!!!

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