“Pretty Wicked Moms” Get Wild In Miami and Will Kim Kardashian Dare To Join The Cast?

Pretty Wicked Moms Gone Wild in Miami Florida

A few weeks ago I did a quick write up on the new reality show called Pretty Wicked Moms which is a new reality television series on Lifetime. The series follows the lives of six mothers who live in Atlanta, Georgia. These particular ultra-divas give a whole new meaning to being motherly. If you have missed this new reality series it might worth checking out, that is if you like to watch the trainwrecks in action. Some members of the cast irritate me maximum levels. However, I had decided that I would write about this particular show because at some points these women make me glad I live nowhere near them. Regardless, their over-dramatic SCRIPTED lives makes for some great laughs and amazement at the lengths they will go to for attention.

If some readers believe that this particular reality show is “unscripted” like the network claims, I ask you all to think again. As common sense shows us there is a basic scenario to all of these similar “Real Housewives” types of shows. The cast already knows in order to survive a past the current season the screen writers and producers must provide ultra-drama or they will get canned. However, let’s get to the last couple weeks of recaps just for fun. Check them out below after the jump…

“Meredith’s Makeover Madness” Marci has a Halloween party at her house, where all the women show up except Miranda who had other plans. When Meredith shows up in a greasy mechanic costume while the other moms are dressed up in pretty, girly costumes, Emily and Nicole N. decided to give her a Swanky makeover. The next day, Meredith meets Emily and Nicole at “Queen Bee” Emily’s store called Swank. While trying on several different outfits the girls have picked out for her, Meredith also tells the both of them a personal traumatic incident that affected her life. Meredith had revealed that she was in a terrible car accident years ago, before she got married to her husband that had  left her with amnesia for over two years and drastically altered personality. Meredith tells Emily and Nicole N. that her condition was so severe that she still had amnesia when she got married and doesn’t remember her wedding day.

After Emily and Nicole make her over in full Swank style, they also decided to throw her a surprise party for her new look and they invite all the moms and their husbands. At the party, Meredith is revealed to have a full makeover and some of the moms, including Nicole B., says she looks just like Emily. During the party, Emily and Nicole N. gather everyone’s attention to show the wedding video of Meredith and Brad, a video that Meredith has never seen. Before they showed the video, Meredith started crying and begs them not to show it. She says she isn’t comfortable watching it and isn’t ready to see it yet. The video isn’t shown and shortly thereafter, everyone leaves.

Emily helps Nicole N cast her presidential vote, while both of their husbands laugh at them, in this scene from Episode 3. Click and watch Nicole is the Smart One.” The moms jump in a bouncy house while debating the virtues of vaginal vs C-section births, in this scene from Episode 3. Click and watchEmily Too Posh To Push.”

“Three’s a Crowd” Pete has to leave on an emergency call and Emily argues that she shouldn’t have to take Amzie because she works too, in this obnoxious scene from Episode 4 titled “No Such Thing as a Fashion Emergency” (shown above). This episode begins when Emily’s nanny leaves for a week to go on vacation. “Queen Bee” can’t handle it and literally has a meltdown because she has to take care of her own daughter. Her attached at her hip BFF, Nicole N. comes to the rescue to help her out during this melodrama. Things get really weird when there is a dental emergency and fashion emergency at the same time and Emily is “forced” to take Amzie with her to Swank. Which did not go over well and you could obviously see Emily’s own frustration building. Meanwhile, Emily’s parents are in town. Pete feels uncomfortable not sleeping with his wife and enlists Nicole’s help in getting Amzie out of their personal bed.

Nicole comes through for her friend in a big way and gets Amzie a bed fit for a queen. Hmm, but we wonder if Amzie really sleeps in this huge bed or is it just for looks? The other diva moms are scarce in this episode, but Miranda and Nicole B. do make a short appearance. Miranda goes to a mommy/son acting audition, despite her husband not being very thrilled about it. Things get a little awkward when the casting agent at the audition makes unflattering comments about Miranda’s photos, she feels insulted.

“Moms Gone Wild in Miami” Nicole B drinks lots of vodka, gets a bit too drunk while on vacation in Miami and tells the other moms about her previous drunken adventures, in this scene from Episode 5 titled “Nicole’s Drunken Adventures” (shown above). So Marci has invited all the other moms to Miami for a little vacation. Miranda is for some reason packing more shoes than clothes for the trip. Emily is sitting in the floor with her BFF Nicole N. going through stuff to, pack which in the end they both end up packing enough for at least a month. Miranda and Nicole B have made appointments to get spray tanned. They both take turns watching their children. When they are finally finished it starts literally pouring rain. The driver picks Miranda and Emily too. Nicole B has to meet the girls in Miami because her husband is a “irresponsible man-child.”

They all finally land in Miami and are acting their usual airhead selves. Then Miranda’s husband text her to ask her if he puts liquid inside to Ledgers sippy cup. WTF? They pull up to a really swanky house. They are trying to decide which rooms they want to have and of course the “Queen Bee” and her BFF Nicole N. take the master bedroom.

Night time in Miami. They’re still drinking and gossiping. Emily’s husband is having trouble getting his daughter, Amzie to go to bed. The film crew isn’t really helping the situation by being in the room filming her. He finally decides to put her in the bed with him because she keeps getting out of hers and running around playing. The diva wives are bad mouthing their husbands. Nicole B is so drunk she is slurring her words. They agree that its getting out of hand and decide to go to bed. The girls are hanging out Marci’s fathers’ boat. The girls are having a blast on the boat and get a couple bottles of champagne, then start drinking and showing off. Nicole B is getting wasted again.

The girls are taking pics of each other in sexy poses on the boat. Nicole B shows the ladies her tramp side and acts a fool. Later that night the moms go out for dinner and drinks. Marci makes reservations for them at a sushi bar where they eat sushi off a naked guy. Miranda feels sick and runs to the bathroom to throw up while the rest of the girls are enjoying the food. The women leave Miami and arrive at home. Miranda runs in the house and hugs her son. She tells her husband about the psychic telling her that she was going to have another boy. Her husband asks her if she thinks she’s pregnant and Miranda gives him the look. Previews show that she is NOT pregnant.

Next week’s episode is called “Pretty Wicked In-laws”. When “Queen Bee” Emily goes back to her four-wheeler ridin’ roots while visiting her family in Mississippi and hopes to avoid a showdown between her husband and father. Southern Belle Miranda grows concerned over her unsuccessful attempts to have a second child and discovers what may be sabotaging her efforts. Was is the cyst that the psychic told her about?

Kim Kardashian Pregnant and Kanye West

As for Kim Kardashian joining the cast, her pimp/manager mom Kris Jenner says hell no, it won’t NEVER happen. Ironically, Kanye West says his baby mama should go for it and get away from the Kardashian strangle hold. According to Gossip David some of cast varies in opinion. Emily Dees Boulden says, “I think Kim would be fabulous on our show. I think she would fit right in with us. And she wouldn’t lose her identity. I would be her wingman for sure.” Co-star Nicole Clemons Noles says that she and Emily are very “easy girls to be friends with,” but she thinks that some of their cast-mates (Miranda CarlsonNicole Bennett-HragyilMarci Rubin Gold and Meredith Underwood), may not be so happy with Kim being in their diva circle. “I definitely think it would rub some of the girls the wrong way.”

Stand by as next weeks episode is sure to entertain the masses. I can remember the extremely NEGATIVE reviews that Honey Boo Boo got when it first aired on TLC, but the show has managed to survive a past the first season. Will the results be the same for this reality show? Will you be watching? Share your thoughts with me below…


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