“Queen Of WSHH” Kat Stacks Book “Surviving Savagery To Saving Lives” Coming Soon…

Andrea Herrera aka Kat Stacks - Queen of WSHH

The long awaited autobiography by Andrea Herrera more infamously known by her street name Kat Stacks is finally in its finishing stages. Andrea has ran into some issues along the way, which halted the books original release date. Getting various editors to complete her autobiography in an proper and also ethical manner. Back in February 2013, I reported that Andrea’s book Surviving Savagery To Saving Lives would be released in May 2013, but she ran into a few unnecessary problems. One of the main problems she had is with some book editors wanting Andrea to glorify her negative Kat Stacks persona as the books main selling point. She fought back and adamantly refused to tolerate it, demanding them to portray her life truthfully.

During May 2013, Andrea had done a professional photo shoot for the official cover of the book. The setting was gorgeous and serene with Andrea dressed in a halter style multi-color summer dress. She was seen playing at a beach next to a pier in Florida. Andrea’s WSHH handler, Sarah also accompanied her. Check out pictures below…

Back in June 2013, Miami New Times had awarded Andrea’s life change as the Best LOCAL Girl Made Good.While the sites breakdown of her rise to the top appears to be a quick rendition of fuckery that she did to get there. Just two years prior in June 2011, the same site also gave her the title Best 15 Minutes of Fame“. The article was laced with lots of biased negative slants aimed at demeaning her character.

Besides all the gossip about her street life, her message of change is clear. Andrea wants to make sure the new attitude, social activism she’s involved in for immigrant rights. Also her war against human trafficking, pimps and prostitution is all very real.

In a February 2013 video she had said, “I have finally finished writing my book.” She added, “You know I wrote part of it when I was wrongfully detained those two years at the federal immigration facility. The rest of it I wrote it between January and February… So it’s finally done.” She also had picked the title of the book because, “I’m a survivor of underage sex trafficking in the United States of America and I overcame and fought for my rights to stay in this country as an immigrant and to be protected for what I went through in my childhood. And I’m hoping my story will change lives, touch hearts and make a difference.” 

Andrea Herrera Official Book Cover

The picture you see directly above is the official book cover for her autobiography. If you see any others that have been posted by gossip sites that do NOT look like it, it’s not considered legit. One of those well known gossip magazines that have made that mistake is Hip Hop Weekly, for some reason their writers didn’t get the memo that the specific book cover that Andrea posted on Instagram back in March 2013, was only a mock up of what the possible book cover could’ve been, but it didn’t happen.

On July 3, Andrea tweeted some information regarding the status of her memoir, “Making sure my book is PERFECT with no grammar errors from editors. I’m always on top of my job. Never underestimate my intelligence.” She had also added, “A lot of people mistake me for a hood chick without education that can be stepped on. Soon they find out different. If my iPhone corrects misspellings, there’s no reason my Book should have any.” As a FYI and a reminder to those people who have any reservations, “Yes I’m a bitch , and I’m good at it #Boss”

Andrea wanted to make it known that her position as “Queen Of World Star Hip Hop” is her official title. Sorry haters, she isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. She admits, “I have mental problems, don’t fuck with me. I can destroy your world mentally without physically touching you.” Defending herself against those people who still can’t get over the fact that Andrea has changed her wicked ways. She tells her haters, “Never go to war with me, I’m not your average soldier. I hate fake people who hate me and try to diss me nicely. Like when somebody stabs you gently #ISeeRightThroughYou.” Adding that, “I trust my enemies, At least they show me their true self. Nothing worst than a fake smile.” I couldn’t agree more…

Will you be purchasing a copy of Andrea’s autobiography when it does finally get released? Please let me know your thoughts, opinions and comments down below…


  1. realknowledge4u says:

    She is a liar. Book was written FOR HDR and as paid for as her fake ass. It is a good book but a vanity piece. She NEVER had editors who tried to glorify her last….she had ghost writers who uncovered the truth and she played you all into reporting the delusional chicas story.
    Records reveal she WAS NOT trafficked…she went willing and even RETURNED when she 'got away'.
    She is nothing to admire….hasn't helped anyone but herself….latest twitter feeds show her heart…. and it sure isn't consistent with the false image a ghost writer was paid to portray. Witness accounts testify that she was in good health, not beaten AND under her own supervision… NOT coerced. She has a history of fighting….she just found someone willing to play along. The people who wrote rgw book have shared valuable life lessons…. but written by OE even LEARNED by this bubble head…not on your life!!!

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