Tila Tequila The “Asian Farrah Fawcett!” Thinks She’s “Helping Mankind” In Her Underwear

Tila Tequila Posing With AR-15

It’s been a few months since we last checked on fame whoring celebrity trash queen Tila Tequila aka “God’s Warrior”, who claims she is out to “help mankind” with her special powers she claims to have. Tila is up to no good and out to satisfy her own narcissistic needs. On June 29, Tila posted a video of herself, which she has proudly called Tila Making A Point In Her Underwear which shows her prancing around in a black lace bra and panties, while smoking a cigarette. In the comments section of her video that she posted onto her Facebook fan page, she stated “if you guys look at all of the recent pictures I have posted… notice how they are either artistic or always.. neck up… but anyway just making a point and thank you guys for your support! More & more people are waking up to bullshit everyday and we aren’t going to put up with it anymore! The truth ALWAYS PREVAILS and so far… we are winning!! POW!” She’s always out for the “truth” and saving the world?

When she posted her video on Facebook of her acting like the attention whore that she is. She also said that, “I AM MAKING A POINT PERTAINING TO THOSE WHO ARE JUDGMENTAL HYPOCRITES!” You have to watch this video after the jump. The shit she says is really ridiculous. Get ready to laugh your ass off and enjoy yourselves…

When Tila originally posted the video a couple days ago she added in the description, “My point exactly! As long as my or anyone’s intentions are good, and all about helping mankind… don’t judge a book by it’s cover! – Miss Tila” Then that’s when the NEGATIVE comments came rolling in from several viewers. Of course she has her sheepish “Tila Army” followers who worship her every move she makes like its fucking gospel. I find it really laughable that Tila claims in her video that she has not posted any pictures of herself in months. Which of course we know that is completely false. Since she’s taken random pics and made more videos acting innocent to entertain her male fans and posted them onto her Facebook accounts for the past several months.

When Tila posted the picture shown at the top on June 30, she had stated, “Say hello to my little friend”- More like a badass AR-15 and the 2nd amendment – haha! Talk about fighting for our rights. Literally. lol.” Tila being a self-proclaimed “professional” gun slinger, feels the desperate need to “educate” her haters and naysayers on their constitutional rights and what they should and should not do.

Tila Tequila The Advocate Loves America

Tila proudly threatened, “If anyone who has NO IDEA about guns talks anymore shit… I WILL SHOOOT! Leave the guns to the professionals… I can’t fucking stand people who don’t know shit about guns and all they do instead is talk shit like “OH MY!!! LETS PUT AWAY EVERYONE’S GUNS AND PUT THEM ALL IN JAIL!” – ugh… get the fuck out of America then! THE 2nd amendment is what America was built upon and thrived upon! Dumbasses… and stop writing me telling me that “PROMOTING GUNS IS NOT GOOD!” – For the last time I cannot STAND IDIOT SHELTERED ASS PEOPLE! Take your judgments elsewhere and please get the fuck out of America if you hate our constitutional rights so much!!!”

When things didn’t go her way and she received negative comments from fans who saw her AR-15 gun licking picture and called her out on it. She then hastily replied, “Bitch… this has EVERYTHING to do with the 2nd amendment, and I know very much about guns dumbasss! Been shooting my whole life! Ever heard of the shooting range? Ever heard of TEXAS???? smh….”  Tila says she planned using her assault rifle on people she deemed “idiot trolls and zombies lmao!” The rant went on and as she had made threats to people who didn’t agree with her violent agenda.

A commenter called Tila’s actions mentally unstable, to which Tila aggressively replied, “Judgmental people like you should not talk shit to “unstable people” with AR-15’s…..” Adding the following response “andddd compared to the likes of my response to your pathetic excuses… I would say… you had better watch yourself and yes that is a threat because I came to defend myself.”

Tila Tequila Dressed As A Muslim

When she posted this picture above on June 22, she stated, “People always talking shit about the way I look. I cannot help the way I look. So I might as well dress up as a Muslim. There. Happy now? Is this covered enough for you judgmental fucktards? Inshallah bitches.” When reading the comments on her post you see the usual people telling her how pretty she looks and also those who are trying to tell her to convert to Islam and follow the ways of Allah. Someone had questioned Tila if the picture was legit, she responded, “do what? It’s not photoshopped. I really have this outfit. LOL I just took it with my webcam.” She then had bragged about other stuff like, “I just bought an authentic WW2 Nazi Sword yesterday! haha!”

The fun wasn’t over yet as she said, “First it’s “OMG PUT A SHIRT ON!” then it’s “OMG DON’T WEAR A HIJAB YOU ARE A TERRORIST!” Now sitting in retrospect… who’s REALLY the crazy one here? Definitely not me!” Tila claims once again that she’s “not crazy” but she’s the one throwing threats of violence around to those who don’t follow her lead and dare to question her weird motives. She’s delusional, but the world already knew that. From April-June 2013, from what we’ve seen, Tila had a new man or should we say victim in her life who’s a wannabe famous rapper. It appears that she was head of heels for this dude. Are we surprised? Hell no. Also what we can see from her most recent pictures and video she’s back in Texas, living with family. Amazing that they would want to help Tila at all after all the drama.

Tila Tequila aka The Asian Farrah Fawcett

Calling herself the “Asian Farrah Fawcett!” when she had posted this picture above this morning. Joking about how brave she is, “yes but that remains the problem… if my balls are bigger than most men.. then where does that leave me with the men?????? LOL” We have to wonder where exactly did Tila get her AR-15 from? Who in the right mind would give Tila a high powered assault rifle to threaten people with?

Tila also interviewed David Lory VanDerBeek, who is running to be the Governor of Nevada in 2014. You can listen to the FULL INTERVIEW if you choose to indulge. Mr. VanDerBeek got a lot of heat for going onto Tila’s show. It was so much that he had to make a public statement about it and post it onto his Facebook account. Tila had also reposted his status onto her personal profile with this comment: “Right on David! You got my vote on that! I do things just to spite my haters as well. They just motivate us. Also, I always talk about those judgmental idiots who are more worried about gossip as opposed to real issues and helping this world. Those are the types of people that bring down America and the world! With that said… he’s welcome to get on my show every freakin’ week for that matter! Here’s a cheer for a politician who’s actually keeping it real!” Pfft… Pure bullshit…

Tila Tequila Claims She Got AR-15 From Ex-Mayor

On June 29, from what Tila posted on her wall she claims an “ex-mayer” gave her the AR-15. She tells readers, “Duuuuuude this ex-mayer hooked me up with a pretty sweet firearm!!! An AR-15 to be exact!” She continues bragging about her newly made friends, “The funny thing is… I had no idea he used to be the mayer. Omg… I am in love….With his 10 machine guns, that is! lmaooooo! Gosh the stories I could tell (but can’t) hahahaa! *sighs* It’s good to know people in high places sometimes because you just never know when they’ll come in handy.”

Why can’t this crazy bitch spell MAYOR right? I can’t even bring myself to laugh at her antics anymore. All I feel is pure fucking disgust whenever I do come across Tila’s same played out and thirsty attempts for attention. Tila constantly contradicts herself and thinks nothing of it. She’s quite pathetic. On her fan page she makes threats and on her personal page she acts like she’s preaching perfection on how to live your life. She’s no “freedom fighter” and she’s definitely NOT doing anything to help anyone.

There’s so much fuckery going on in her Facebook pages, its really just out of control. I am only hitting the on the really stupid shit for the past few weeks or so. I am glad that I stopped tagging on everything she does. Her daily insanity is mind boggling.

What else can we say about this trainwreck? Share your thoughts with me below…


  1. Marie says:

    How does this bitch think she's helping people by making video rants and posting half naked pictures from her parents house? Just the usual Tila BS where she makes excuses as to why she wants to post pics she "thinks" she looks good in. She's lost her looks and she'll lose this imaginary war she's still having too LOL

  2. Ivanna Vodka says:

    Is it just me, or does "Thomas" type more like a drugged out lady than a normal male? Seriously…probably just Tuna wearing a man-suit. Lol XD

    Not to mention the outline of a bruise I thought I saw around her eye, the left one when you're looking at the video, no idea if the image has been flipped or not. And her left eyebrow looks a little wobbly. Maybe she should just get them tattooed on, save herself the trouble? LOLLERCAKES!

  3. Really? says:

    People who know gun safety and have been to the shooting range "Their whole life" know to never put their finger on the trigger until they're ready to kill. Luckily no one gave Tila that gun (if so, it's illegal as that type of gun needs a background check that Tila would not pass) it's just the gun of the guy she's currently fucking. Which hopefully when Tila is using it during their sex play it'll accidentally be loaded and he'll press charges when she shoots him in the arm.

    It's sad that she says so much yet does so little and gets called out on even less. That David Lory is a coward hypocrite as well, I left a FB comment with a pic of Tila threatening to shoot people and he deleted and banned me from his page. He's a real freedom fighter there. Odds are she promised him 1.9 million views and he's upset at the 500 he got especially when he realized that it was mostly from foreigners and non-voters.

  4. deluwiel says:

    oh. okay. so instead of the Illuminati brainwashing her and pulling the puppet strings to make her act like a crack whore now it was all her doing what she needed to do to "help feed her family." Your family ISN'T DESTITUTE you idiot. Clearly it's the other way around since apparently she's sponging off her parents. Her narrative changes more often than she changes her underwear. *gag* oh, and on her FB she calls this David Lory Vanderbeek guy the governor of Las Vegas. BWHAHAHAHAHAHA What a moron. I guess the love and enlightenment and glitter rainbows era is over and her ticket to the 7th Dimension has expired.

  5. GypsyVanner says:

    James Gandolfini is dead and this useless twat lives on. There is no justice in this world.

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