Hot Music Video ~ I’m No Angel ~ Myla Sinanaj ft Adam Barta (Reality Star Records)

Myla Sinanaj Flaunts Bikini Body

Myla Sinanaj has been really busy more recently doing interviews with various venues to promote her new career in the entertainment industry. Besides that Myla has just released a new electro-pop single including an interesting music video in hopes of topping Kim Kardashian’s failed attempt at a music career just a couple of years ago. Earlier this month Myla had released a sultry sex tape called Myla Sinanaj: The Anti-Kim XXX through Vivid Entertainment. Myla was determined to prove that she could do a sex tape better than Kim ever could ever think of doing. The music is the next step to do something that Kim was not that successful at and where Myla hopes she can gain the upper hand and uproot Kim’s influence with in the media.

Myla has just released her new single called “I’m No Angel” featuring pop singer Adam Barta, in which Myla sings about her experiences as the “Kim K. clone” and scrutiny in the media. The two put the record out on Reality Star Records and Myla hopes that it will way outperform Kim Kardashian’s single in a big way. Myla has been on a crusade to show that anything Kim can do, she can do better, including a sex tape, modeling and now singing. Check out Myla’s “I’m No Angel” video below…

The upbeat song also features a music video in which Myla struts around a club, runs from the paparazzi and even emulates poses directly from Kim. While looking sexy and stylish, Myla struts her stuff next to Adam Barta and Thomas Cole who gets a little wild and dances on top of a bar with her. In one scene Myla lies on the couch just like Kim did. Singing “I’m No Angel”, Myla is out to show she’s definitely not a victim but rather moving forward with her life in a positive way. The interesting music video was directed by Syuji Honda from Pure Soul Productions. The “I’m No Angel” single was also produced by German producers Benny Bugati and Thomas Lipp.

“I’m No Angel” is being released on Reality Star Records and will be available on iTunes. For interviews or bookings, please contact GR Media firm. The current roster for Reality Star Records artists include: Myla SinanajSydney LeathersJonah FalconAngelina PivarnickAdam Barta andTan Mom” Patricia Krentcil.

Myla talked about her singing skills adding, “I’m not a singer by trade but I have been told I have a great voice, and this is something I feel will do well for me.”

Myla Sinanaj and Adam Barta

During another interesting interview Myla shared some personal thoughts about her life and what her future plans are. She also talked about her upcoming plastic surgery and why she is getting it, “I want to have my surgery because I’m in love with the body that Kim Kardashian had prior to her pregnancy — especially her lips and stomach. The rest of the world is apparently obsessed with it as well, since they have all felt the need to call me the “Fat Kim K,” or just fat in general. I love my curves. I’m not built to be a size 2, but there are areas I can work on.”

Myla had no problems sharing why she hates Farrah Abraham and why she thinks she is a extremely jealous idiot. She says, “Farrah and I are no longer friends because she has a nasty attitude toward others and it was embarrassing to be out with her in public. I don’t treat people like they are peasants. She became extremely jealous when she found out that I had a [sex] tape as well, and freaked out thinking that I would take her “sales,” since that’s how she makes her money. I also can’t stand fake people who lie about how much they make. It bothered me — she lies about being a millionaire and yet she was begging me to go on sugar daddy cruises with her. Clearly you are not a millionaire if your basically escorting yourself. Not my cup of tea, so I had to cut her off.”

Myla discussed how she feels about being called the “fat” Kim Kardashian and being bullied. She says, “The world we live in is so obsessed with putting others down. There are people that live on these blog sites and go read every article then go hunt the people down on their social networks, feeling the need to call them fat, ugly, or even wish death upon them in my case. It’s sad because so many people kill themselves everyday because of online bullying, yet people still are bullying total strangers online while hiding behind their keyboards. I’ll never understand that… It gets to you after a while and you start to look at yourself and become insecure and even seeing thing as worse than they really are.”

Myla Sinanaj Talks About Kim Kardashian

This past week Myla had another interview with a gossip site and told them some dish about Lamar Odom. The world knows by now there is much drama going on in Khloe and Lamar’s marriage. Even after having been married for four years, this is definitely not the first time the couple have dealt with various rumors of infidelity.

Myla recalls two incidents where Lamar allegedly hit on her, while still married to Khloe. She claims, “At Jay Z’s 40/40 club at the Super Bowl [2011], we all watched the game together. I was there with someone else, and as I was leaving. his agent came up to me and handed me a little black card. There was nothing on there but a phone number. He said ‘Call Lamar.’” The story gets even more intriguing when she reveals the juicy details of the second time. She claims, “There was a second time in Vegas. I guess the Lakers were playing. We were all hanging out; we have mutual friends. After the club we all went back to hang out at the hotel; it was a party and there were guys there. When she [Khloe] called, he had everyone in the room be quiet, so he could act like he was alone in bed.”

Even after the alleged advances by Lamar, Myla says, “I’ve never hooked up with him.” That’s an interesting story to share. I wonder why she didn’t want to smash him? Myla’s new single is her official musical debut and is about her life in the spotlight, how she’s examined and judged by the media for being who she is. When one lives in the eyes of the public as most celebrities gladly do. Is it not fair to expect to be judged by people who possibly look up to those who see themselves as role models?

What do you think about Myla’s alleged claims about Lamar? What do you think about Myla’s new music video with Adam? Do you think that Myla could get career in Music industry? Please share your thoughts, opinions and comments about this topic below…



  1. Savannah says:

    It was a funky thang to watch that video. Myla is getting plastic surgery right, cause she has some ass on her. I wonder why Adam Barta is in every one of GR Media's clients music videos? Makes you wonder what the hell is up with the new label which was genius of their manager. But will her train wrecks ever get anywhere? Ghost has to know whats up. I'll check back laters.

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  3. […] stars. Umm, yeah. We were wrong as Sydney Leathers tops herself again by giving her new friend Myla Sinanaj a naughty lap dance. While they were both hosting a gig at the Vivid Live Gentlemen’s Club in […]

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