Sydney Leathers Speaks Out About Adult Industry Condom Use, “Don’t Risk It. Use Protection.”

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Once again the adult film industry is in utter chaos and everyone including those at Vivid Entertainment headquarters located in Los Angeles, California had a major shock when it came to a recent announcement from one of its female porn stars. Who recently tested positive for HIV sending rampant rumors through the adult industry. This this past week, Anthony Weiner’s latest cyber-mistress Sydney Leathers is feeling some serious stress as she may have been possibly exposed to the HIV virus while filming her recent porn movie called Weinergate or also Weiner and Me.

The HIV positive porn star who is also known as Cameron Bay also revealed that she shot her most recent hardcore sex scene with Xander Corvus, the male porn star who also played Weiner alongside Sydney in her recent porn debut. Ironically, Xander also had sex with Cameron just a few weeks ago while making another porn flick and filmed an unprotected sex scene for a x-rated series called Public Disgrace.

Cameron recently spoke to Adult Video News to confirm that she was the porn star who is responsible for the moratorium on porn production. Cameron, who is currently represented by Adult Talent Managers LA (ATMLA), said she tested on August 19, at Cutting Edge Testing (CET) after not shooting any porn films since July 31 due to an unrelated personal injury. After receiving her last clean test on July 27, Cameron says “When I got the call, I was obviously extremely distraught and in disbelief because there’s no way that it’s possible in my eyes. I don’t sleep around, I don’t do anything crazy and I keep track of the people that I’ve worked with.”

Sydney Leathers - Weiner and Me

Cameron continued with her statement saying, “If it is [positive] I will of course do everything I can to spread awareness and take care of myself and do the things that are necessary or in my power to do. But it is unconfirmed. They’re doing more tests, and when I spoke with the doctor, I asked him, ‘Is it absolutely, positively HIV?’ and he said, ‘No, there’s a possibility it’s not, because there’s no such thing as an actual HIV test, they just search for the antibodies that they associate with HIV.'” Before Cameron was a porn star she appeared on VH1’s Tool Academy during 2009 alongside her former boyfriend Clarence aka Celebrity.

In response to reports hitting the internet last week like a firestorm. On August 23, Sydney decided to counter any allegations about her possibly contracting HIV from her co-star Xander. She had tweeted, “I do not have HIV & have not been exposed to HIV regardless of the reports out there saying otherwise. I was not contacted by the Free Speech Coalition to re-test. I reached out to them to see if I should re-test and was told I did not need to. I took all the necessary precautions before & after my scene for Vivid & acted responsibly & therefore was able to protect myself from exposure to anything. As an added precaution I retested 2 days after my shoot and again yesterday and everything was negative.”

Recently retired adult film actress. Aurora Snow also told the Los Angeles Times the following about Cameron’s current situation, “There’s no health insurance, there’s no union; there really isn’t a safety net… I feel really bad for her. It’s got to be really tough to get that kind of news.” A previous HIV scare that shut down adult film production in June 2011, turned out to be a false alarm and scandal that was out to destroy Mercedes Ashley’s character. After a week long filming moratorium, the adult star involved was retested and her test ended with a negative result. The same site that went out of their way to destroy various porn stars careers was also in bed with the FBI and also a group of hackers aimed at shutting the hate site down.

As the drama continued about the possibility of Sydney and her sex tape partner contracting the HIV virus another public statement had been released that also thanked Cameron for being brave and coming out. Sydney tweeted, “I feel like it’s my duty to stress the importance of using condoms. Whether you’re on set filming a porn or you’re thinking about having a one night stand in your real life, just don’t risk it. Use protection. Whether your partner is a porn star or not, you could be putting yourself at risk. You don’t know who all they have been with. No one should have to go through what I’ve been going through, or better yet, no one should have to go through what Cameron Bay is going through. (By the way, can we just take a moment to commend her bravery for coming forward to help make sure everyone who needs to be tested gets tested?)” Of course…

Sydney made sure to add, “Even though I was not contacted by the Free Speech Coalition as someone who could have been exposed, it’s still a very scary and surreal situation to be in. And even though I was told I wasn’t at risk, I’ve still been tested and will continue to get tested. Because it’s the smart thing to do, whether you do porn or are just sexually active in your private life. What’s so crazy about this is that the only time I’ve been sexually active in many months was during filming, so just think, ONE sexual experience could put you in a scary situation. It’s just worth it to protect yourself and your partner.”


Sydney also thinks that, “Some might call me a hypocrite for suddenly having this message about safe sex because I chose not to use a condom while filming my movie, Weiner and Me. I don’t think I’m a hypocrite though. I think it would be foolish of me to not learn from a teachable moment like this. Had I not said anything about this, it would have felt like a missed opportunity on my part. And we all know I don’t like to miss opportunities. In reality my decision to not use protection during filming was a personal one. If I could go back and do it again, obviously I’d use a condom. But in the moment, I felt safe because my partner and I had been tested right before filming.” We understand her feelings.

Discussing her dilemma and hoping to help others. Sydney says, “Yes, the porn industry is very good about testing. I bet when you meet a new guy for the first time he doesn’t show you his clean STD test results. That’s what’s different about the porn world. But aside from testing, I do think the industry should get on board with condoms after this recent scare. Even if it turns out to be an isolated incident, why not go the extra step to protect performers? I realize there can’t be condom police on every set. But I just hope recent events can help change some minds regarding this issue. If I can save even ONE girl from going through what I’ve been dealing with, then I’d say my mission isn’t in vain.” Sydney also advises those fans reading, “So in conclusion, just wrap it up. It’s the smart thing to do.” We couldn’t agree more with her on that choice.

What do you think about the porn industry and risks of contracting STD’s and HIV? What about reality stars and various celebrities wanting to revamp their careers by making a sex tape? Please share your thoughts, opinions and comments below…



  1. Carmella says:

    A couple weeks ago Sydney had made a scheduled “appearance” at a New York strip club then refused to get naked. She was at the Head Quarters Gentlemen’s Club and things didn’t go well for her. I wonder why? This isn’t a good look for the talent or management. Maybe her manager shouldn’t book her special clients in strip clubs if they aren’t going to work the poles and perform. Ya know.

    Page Six reports: “There were no patrons in the club for the entire two hours she was there.” Her rep told us, adding the somewhat weak explanation: “They booked it three days before and did no advertising.” Leathers rep added, “The club was very rundown and empty… Sydney is just happy she made $5,000 and is done with them.” The club (which says there were 10 patrons) is laying the blame on Leathers, adding that she refused to dance on stage or on laps and, to the shock of all, even declined to pose for photos with a Weiner look-alike and a hot-dog cart.

    An HQ rep tells us of Leathers and her team,“We tried our best to accommodate them, but it was like talking to a brick wall. They put her on some kind of pedestal… They literally wanted to charge people $20 just to take a picture with her.” What the fuck? They can’t be serious :(

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