“Tan Mom” Patricia Krentcil Says “I Got Uninvited” From VH1 Party “Because I’m Too Gorgeous!”

Patricia Krentcil Uninvited To VH1 Party

Things are looking pretty hot and tanned for New Jersey’s infamous “Tan Mom” who has found herself in several tabloid headlines and also recording studios. Now, Patricia Krentcil will make another scheduled appearance very soon in Edison at a Exxxotica Expo booth to sign autographs for fans. Tan Mom posted early last week, “Excited! Just got my Pictures for @Exxxotica to sign! Come see me if your (sic) in NJ 10/4!! One Day Only.” For those of you who do not know about this, the Exxxotica Expo is a three-day event dubbed as a unique “dedication to love and sex” that also features many porn stars. Who fans have the opportunity to meet and also see many adult products plus various performances in the several booths inside the event.

Some of the porn stars who are on the guest list are Jenna Jameson, Kelly Devine and Misty Stone. The Exxxotica Expo is scheduled for October 4-6th. Ironically, Tan Mom has not made her own porn film, so one has to wonder why she would be at the expo dedicated to “love and sex”. During a May 2013 business venture, it was reported that Tan Mom was offered $1,000 for just a few hours of (clothed) work from Lucas Entertainment, which produced a gay porn called “Kings of New York.” We know Tan Mom wanted to star in her own porn flick, but was refused by the Vivid Entertainment mogul. So making a cameo appearance was her next option…

Oh no! Tan Mom is all dressed up with no where to go? Tan Mom has recently posted two brand new videos on her lifestyle blog called Tips From Tan Mom, where she chronicles her daily life, meals for her family, upcoming events and news. However, the gossip coming off of her blog is pretty interesting and a tad surprising. It appears this time we see that Tan Mom got all gussied up in beautiful gowns saying  that she was uninvited from the VH1 party. She tells everyone why in the video above and you can watch the other video where she also says I Got Uninvited Because I’m Hot!

Tan Mom said that she was disappointed that she couldn’t attend the VH1 party, but it was okay because she has a lot of other great things going on in her life currently. While we are not to sure what VH1 party Tan Mom was allegedly denied entrance to. We can make a guess and say that it could have been the “Gossip Table” and “Big Morning Buzz” premiere party located at Hakkasan Restaurant in Manhattan on September 25. VH1 has frequent parties and press events so there will be more later.

If you hadn’t heard, Tan Mom is making music and had made more headlines when she released her first single It’s Tan Mom, back in May 2013. Tan Mom also said her first single was heavily influenced by Rihanna’s world wide platinum hit song Diamonds.

Patricia Krentcil Uninvited To VH1 Party (back)

During a recent interview she told a gossip site she’s currently focusing on her rap career, which will center around her new found sobriety. Tan Mom told listeners, “I’m not a rapper, but I love rap, it’s great, it’s so hip, it’s wild. You can go crazy with it. To my critics that judge me, I just think that people are too judgmental. And like, my first song was a spoof.” She promised a second single for her critics. “Now we’re doing another song, and it’s gonna be just about, you know the new me. The new tan mom, the sober healthy one — I’ll be rapping for ya, all over the world. And to everyone out there that has criticism, get off the couch and start rapping and workout while you rap, cause I have no clue, that’s where it’s at!”

Tan Mom’s is currently signed under Reality Star Records. Her second single called Life Of The Party, was made available August 2013. The single also features pop singer Adam Barta, who also wrote the song about her wild and crazy adventures! The song was directed by Francis Legge and produced by J-Mi and Midi-D.

From what we hear through the grapevine of gossip, Tan Mom recently made an appearance on a talk show for Tan Mom Takes the Test. Ironically, Tan Mom had passed a lie detector test on the nationally-syndicated TV show The Test proving she DID NOT put her five-year-old daughter in a New Jersey tanning booth. Tan Mom told them what really happened that day and says her media nightmare started like this, “It was a sunny day, I was  outside gardening and she was in the kiddie pool. We were just outside. She’s a red head and right here got a little bit of a rash. So it itched her. When she went to school, the teacher took her to the nurse and the nurse called the cops… This is how the ridiculous thing began.”

Adam Barta also made an appearance on the show to tell some Tipsy Truths about his friend. In another segment called Ready For Rehab, she talks about her drinking problem and admits that she’s an alcoholic. Tan Mom originally taped her daytime talk show appearance before she got sober. She was “untestable” three separate times because of drug and alcohol use. After completing rehab, she appeared again on the talk show to finally take the drug test and passed it with no reported problems.

What do you think about Tan Mom’s sobriety? Do you think she is sober and has calmed down? What about her songs, do you think she can rap? Have you read her blog? Please share your thoughts, opinions and comments with me down below…



  1. Bluebonnet says:

    I can't decide whether Patricia is still drinking or whether she's just eccentric and exurberant. She's a character, that's for sure. I don't think she has singing talent but she looked like she was having a lot of fun making the video. I read her Tumbler blog and I actually liked it! She seems to love her family, her children look happy, and she appears to be an excellent cook. It made me hungry to look at the photos of the nice meals she prepared. I hope things work out all right for her.

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