Poor Tila Tequila Feels Exploited and Wants Her “Stolen Things” Back From eBay For Her Birthday

Tila Tequila - Phoenix Rises - September 2013

Yup folks, Hades must have frozen over more times than we can count. Does that place really even exist? At this point who really cares, there is nothing we can do about it anyways. Ironically, Freedom Fighter aka Truth Seeker aka Light Worker aka Psychic and pint-sized Hollywood train-wreck super power reality star Tila Nguyen. Or according to her she’s an alleged mind control “victim” better known as Tila Tequila, who’s always burning various clubs and gigs when she doesn’t feel like fulfilling her contract. She’s also burned many chances in the past for herself to gain some real street credit in the truther world. In the past, Tila has said things like this, “I’m not God so I’m not here to predict the future” then contradicting herself later during other reckless rants. When telling her many Tila Army cult like followers that she had predicted Hurricane Sandy, Barack Obama’s election win and the most repulsive Boston Marathon Bombing. That’s quite disturbing, right?

Over the past few years Tila’s proclaimed that she’s here to save the world and win the war against the evil Illuminati. When looking through the many comments she left on her Youtube videos she posted during October 2012, she was seen taunting her haters and the many non-believers with this one of many rants: “Never judge a book by it’s cover. That goes both ways. Ones you think are the “GOOD GUYS” may actually indeed be the bad ones. Then there are the supposed “BIMBOS” like myself, who are actually the GOOD GUYS and am far from being a bimbo. That is all. And yes you are correct I shall get to the point next time but I just have a tendency to talk a lot as my mind races. As for how do I know all this? I told you. I am just a messenger of the Light.”  This isn’t new diatribe of course…

Tila Tequila - Brings Up Dying 7 Times Again - October 2013

If any of you remember all the childish ranting and raving Tila did both times she got FAKE BANNED from Facebook, because poor Tila claims that they were scared of her “exposing” them and the secrets of our shadow government. So when Tila came back to Facebook more recently, she finally got her Anonymous Truth Blog running after an entire year of letting the domain sit there with an outdated clock on it. She did not do this on her own, as we know Tila’s little secrets and what anonymous sec member is out rustling jimmies of noobs for his queen Tila and helping her with all the tinkering of the site itself. How ironic considering all the shit she talked about anons.

What’s even more comical is watching a trolling hacker claim that they are currently part of the now beyond defunct Lulzsec Security hacker crew, who’s members are now all locked up. This same crew was lead by brilliant hacker “Sabu” aka Hector Xavier Monsegur who’s still locked up and helping the FBI to keep his ass out of jail. This random troll showed up on Tila’s Facebook a couple days ago to tell her about the scandalous fake government clone Donald Marshall who allegedly posted a email from Tila talking a lots of shit. As my readers know that scammer has already been exposed and dissed in past posts. Like this is anything new? Negative, keep trying.

As you can see from the screen shot directly above, Tila is once again reminding her alleged 1.9 million Facebook followers why she is so damn gifted and uber special, she says “1) I already died 7 times, and kicked my ass all the way back here each time, so what more do they want? Pointless for them to try to go for the 8th time.” Yeah right, Tila has almost died 7 times? We already know many times she has changed this story around to suit her dirty agenda. Maybe she’s cat woman and wants to try and break a Guinness world record? Either way her alleged 7 deaths have been self induced by overdosing on drugs she was abusing and have really twisted her mind. That’s another reason why she got FIRED by her last manager in June 2012.

Tila went on with her little list to PROVE why her information is so legit, “2) Being “Public” as I am is also a great source of protection. All of you guys. Because let’s say anything “suspicious” happened to me… AGAIN, then you would all know that a foul hand is at work here, and that would just make them expose themselves even more. So thanks for your protection guys!” Okay, keep twisting the minds of your delusional Tila Army supporters with this silly bullshit agenda Tila.

Tila Tequila - Red Hair One Eye Covered - October 2013

It’s been a really busy month for the out of work reality star. This is where the post gets more hilarious when Tila posted her self-serving rant on October 4, to gain more support from her followers. While telling them to ignore all the alleged fake stories about her fuckery. She said, “I love how the internet can be filled with trash, old news, and completely fake stories yet people can still be so easily tricked because they think some recycled news from 5 years ago just happened yesterday just because it popped up on google. LOL It really amazes me how people easily allow themselves to be manipulated and coerced like that.” Keep up the good work Tila with your manipulation and coercion of your young fans.

It gets even better as she adds a reply to one of her loyal fans, “Well yeah why do you think that is??? HMMMMM…. HIDE THE TRUTH & FILL PAGES UP WITH LIES… BECAUSE I AM SPEAKING TOO MUCH TRUTH! Perfect control mechanism don’t you think? And yes you are correct and very observant. They even have the audacity to “REPUBLISH” “NEWS” about me from literally 2009 and then make the date 2013 so people are like “OMGGGG OMGG OMGG TILA OMGGG IS IT TRUE THAT SO & SO BLAH BLAH BLAHHHHH” – lol oh and Thank you for being one to actually notice. Not that it matters but at least you are aware of what’s going on. I appreciate that.” Wow, poor little Tila is such a “victim” in all of this. Lulz…

Tila always feels the need to embellish her comments so she added some icing on the cake for her fledgling supporter, “LOL yeah I HAVE been running it with them for hundreds of thousands of years… DUH. You think there’s only one team here? 2 sides same coin buddy…. but each have their roles. So how about you try to find a better role other than just wasting space/energy? Mkkay have a nice day!” Seriously Tila, you have been running with “them” for “hundreds of thousands” of years? Who the hell is “them”? At this point I spit out my coffee in laughter. What the fuck, is she a dinosaur now. Oh yeah, she’s a pleiadian alien“.

Tila Tequila Crying About Her Stolen Stuff - October 2013

Getting to the last part of this wild article which is probably the real reason why you’re reading. Remember when Tila lost her mansion in Hollywood Hills last year because it was sold by the original owners? Well she had to move to random apartments and put her boxes of crap in storage which ended up getting bought by Storage Wars star Nabila Haniss for like $3,000. Why did this happen? Tila couldn’t pay for her stuff and her unit went into default and got sold. Nabila then took Tila’s old ass stuff which included various important items like a journal and some baby pics and other stuff and put it on eBay in multiple listings. A lot of Tila’s crap did horribly in various auctions.

We originally wrote about this back in February 2013, and so here we are again and back to remind Tila that she is in no way a “victim” and nobody “stole” her stuff. Tila got all pissed off and must have seen the recent The Soup Investigates episode about her sold storage unit and how the reporters where making fun of her personal items that included lots of sex toys and other crap. For some odd reason the episode that showed Tila’s storage locker was deleted from Youtube. But I was able to recover a cached version of the transcript of what was said during the video. CLICK HERE to read the dialogue half way down. I am sure you’ll understand why Tila was ranting on Facebook. Let the crazy drama commence as Tila’s world of unicorns hasn’t stopped spinning on its wobbly access. We know the TRUTH about this dis-info agent.

Nabila Haniss Replies About Tila Tequila Stolen Items Claim - October 2013

UPDATE 10/23/13: A couple days ago one of my readers contacted Nabila about Tila’s claim that her items where stolen from her. Nabila replied to them and said, “if she’d paid her rent it would’ve never been “Stolen” lol.” Like we said before in a previous post, Nabila made several attempts to contact Tila, but she never bothered to try and respond to Nabila. So all of her poor me and she’s being exploited claims are completely bogus but Tila insists on lying to her fans and the many others who find their way to her page. On that same day as her stolen items rant, she continued on with another post about people calling her names. She replied to several of her fans and one she responded, “the same ones who love to call me whore also love to call me a False Prophet…lol..funny how the world works. I prefer Prophetess.”

What do you think about Tila’s latest rants? What about her claims her junk was stolen from her? Please share your thoughts, opinions and comments with me down below…


  1. JustMe says:

    Nice wig Tuna!!! I see she's still spinning her lies into shit her sheep believe. When she signed the storage contract she knew what was up. Kiss that stuff goodbye Tuna! Hopefully someone is smart enough to release your diary…

  2. @Boqueefa says:

    FINALLY I made it onto the blog with one of my comments to Tila lol right after tha she made it to where I couldn't comment. Fuckin bitch I was having fun being mean to you!

  3. CookingOilFace says:

    Delishows.com has every episode of soup investigates and storage wars, etc .. I'm not sure which actual episode her stuff is featured in.. It won't let me watch the first episode on my iPad because I can't install a codec. :/ it's a legit site though.. Used to watch episodes all the time on my laptop (which I no longer have) would love to see it though.. Bummer it's been removed from YouTube.. Tila probably reported it >.< I haven't been following the tila saga for a while now, I was shocked when I saw what she looks like now. ..when I quit following her antics it was around the time when she was hiding her face and using decade old photographs trying to pass them off as new..hollyshitt now I understand why! it almost looks like she injected cooking oil into her face, like that other Asian model who did it to look pretty, but then it backfired. Really wouldn't be surprised if she did it after one of her mental outbursts. She never has had saggy cheeks! She looks like she's having a allergic reaction to something.. Like a bee stung her face and she's allergic to bees and swells up and dies, but she never seeked medical help and somehow she survived being a giant puffy bee face for the rest of her life. Or maybe she went to get cheap plastic surgery or Botox done in a dodgey cheap clinic and they used cooking oil. Her face just looks identical to that woman who injected oil into her face.. It's strange.. It just has to be that.

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  5. deluwiel says:

    she's definitely getting lip injections and her face looks puffy and rounder. I'm chalking it up to weight gain. She was downright emaciated looking earlier this year. Maybe somebody is making sure she gets regular meals. And if I wasn't banned from her FB I would ask why she doesn't arm herself with her swords and guns and use her super telekinetic psychic powers to go get her junk back. Seems simple enough for an immortal warrior goddess, right? *sigh* You know, it's not even Tila that gets on my nerves anymore so much as the legion of half wits who stroke her ego and actually believe her bullshit.

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