Myla Sinanaj Gets Extreme Body Makeover To Look Just Like Reality Star Kim Kardashian

Myla Sinanaj Plastic Surgery

When a celebrity mistress loves a ultra-famous reality star so much they literally want to be them, what do they do to make their lives better? Yep, they earn some serious bread then run as fast as they can to some good plastic surgeons and get themselves an extremely expensive makeover. Ironically, it appears Myla Sinanaj wants to live Kim Kardashian’s life so much and be just like Kim she was willing to spend $30,000 in plastic surgery to look just like her. Would this be considered a tad obsessed on Myla’s behalf to want to try and replicate Kim’s body and work so hard to be her?

We have to wonder when did Myla’s groupie type obsession with Kim start? Back in November 2012, it had been reported that Myla’s former fling Kris Humphries had allegedly purchased some breast implants to start her physical changes. A friend of Myla’s told the gossip site, “Kris paid for Myla’s boob job because he’s trying to turn her into Kim Kardashian. No one knows she got a boob job, but she went from a B cup to a D cup.” That’s a bit awkward considering the nasty fallout…

As seen in the above video dated September 25, Myla happily headed out to achieve her dream and underwent dramatic plastic surgery to transform herself to look like Kim Kardashian. Myla’s surgery was performed by top NYC plastic surgeon Dr. Matthew Schulman that included liposuction, breast implants and also a lip augmentation. Inside Edition followed her through the body morphing process and also spoke with Myla to ask her why she decided to have the surgery to look like kim.

Myla revealed to the gossip site, “I love Kim Kardashian’s body. I’m constantly being compared to Kim Kardashian, and it’s really hard because she’s picture perfect.” Myla says she got plastic surgery because she hoped to look even more like Kim than she already does. “I feel like we have the same curves,” said Myla. Dr. Schulman gave Myla a flatter tummy and a slimmer waist, which Myla feels is closer to Kim’s hours glass figure saying, “If I end up looking like Kim, it will all be worth it.” Dr. Schulman said it’s not unusual for patients to show him photos of celebrities, which he uses solely as a guideline, adding “She has a similar bone structure to Kim Kardashian.” First, Dr. Schulman had liposuctioned four pounds of fat from her back. Then he moved to her waist and tummy, removing another six pounds.

Myla Sinanaj After Plastic Surgery

During the surgery Dr. Schulman had said, “She’s gonna have a teeny tiny little waist.” Then he gave her a new ‘D cup’ silicon implants and to finish off the look a lip filler. That’s interesting, making the story from the gossip site in November 2012 look a bit suspicious. Unless Myla had her breasts redone so they’ll look more professional.

Three hours later, Myla was fitted with a tight body girdle to hold it all in there and left the doctor’s office a bit sore. However, her transformation was not complete. Next stop for Myla was at the dentist to fix those teeth. Dentist Dr. Shawn Sadri gave her a pearly white smile just like Kim. He said, “One of the most sought after smiles these days is Kim Kardashian’s because she has such a nice, white smile.”

On September 24, after Myla’s plastic surgery news went global, she tweeted, “yes Surprise!!! ive been healing secretly lol. i crack my self up…..” Telling her fans, “Those who watched inside edition & got to see the before SO WHAT! Flaws & all i have no problem showing it because its not there anymore. thats the point of getting it in the 1st place..u may not have the balls to show ur flaws but like everything else I DONT GIVE A FUCK! next.” Someone’s sounding a little miffed.

Myla Sinanaj After Plastic Surgery Blue Bikini

A couple of weeks have passed since Myla’s change happened and on October 3, she tweeted, “thank you everyone for the support. Keep in mind its only been about 2 weeks so im still swollen and recovering.” Then on October 4, feeling the fame Dr. Schuman happily tweeted, “I chuckle when I buy 5 copies of mag that I am in and clerk asks “you sure u want all”? Check out @Star_News for @NYAngel24 makeover” Just two weeks later, Myla decided to open up about her plastic surgery.

She told the photographer, “I definitely see my waist shaped like her. I have her hour glass shape now.” So we are curious as to what would Kim Kardashian think of her look-a-like? Myla says, “She’d probably think I’m crazy.” Yes, of course we can agree with her statement. As Kim previously begged a fan in July 2010, to not get a makeover to look like her. We know Sydney Leathers who is also known as Anthony Weiner’s sexting partner had recently underwent a body transformation that included a breast augmentation, liposuction and a rhinoplasty. Inside Edition also followed her through the process with NYC plastic surgeon, Matthew Schulman MD. This isn’t surprising since most celebrities and reality stars partake in reinventing themselves to look better for the media. Watch Sydney’s plastic surgery click here.

What do you think about Myla’s make over? Does she look like Kim or should she just forget about it and be herself? Share your thoughts, opinions and comments below…



  1. JustMe says:

    WHEN will people just be happy with being themselves? I would never wish to be someone else, especially one of the Kraptrashians. They are horrible creatures.

  2. carina m says:

    i dont see her looking like Kim post surgery. She still has to lose alot of weight and change her eating habits to get healthy and in shape. Lipo and plastic surgery is not a substitute for getting the body you want . It's called healthy living through a eating right, exercise, motivation and discipline

  3. Christina kowalczyk says:

    oh no, how embarassing and disappointing that would be to be Myla, she looks nothing like Kim K although she's trying her hardest to be just lijke Kim. Myla has a long way to go, yu are so pathetic. Hey Myla, you need to eat healthy, and incorporate activity into your life. You look like you live a couch potato lifestyle . You still look overweight after the surgery

  4. Claudio says:

    myla, why oh why, you still look overweight and just cheap.
    Kim has just had a baby and she still looks better than you any day.
    You're the one who actually looks like you have the post- baby tummy even with your lipo.
    It's called the treadmill and less time on the computer and do something active to get your body moving.
    Ever heard of a gym?

  5. Alicia says:

    This fat chick does not have enough money in this world to help her look like Kim K, she is a hideous, fat, disgusting piece of trash, there is only 1 Kim honey and you will NEVER duplicate that, seek mental help, and Kim should seek a restraining order, what a dumb freak.

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