“True Feminist” Courtney Stodden Takes A “Huge Risk” Going Brunette and Says “I Feel Born Again”

Courtney Stodden World Of Wonder WoWie Awards - December 2013

Put your seat belts on guys, because Courtney Stodden is breaking the mold again and is no longer that blonde bombshell. Back in November, the happily single 19-year-old, recently split from her 53-year-old husband, Doug Hutchison. Since the break up she’s been seen all around Hollywood, going crazy with her many friends and on the red carpet, while enjoying her single life. She’s been making changes she feels are really shocking to the world and to herself. She recently dyed her platinum long flowing hair to a dark brunette color. Change is a good thing but it also appears her hair is really burnt out. Courtney and Doug were spotted last month enjoying a dinner date at Musso & Frank in Hollywood despite their split and claim to still be friends.

Let’s review the past month of news that Courtney has involved herself in. Since we last wrote about Courtney, she has done a few interviews and other wild things to get media attention she craves. During a recent interview for Bethenny Frankel‘s talk show, she shot down some interesting rumors of an alleged upcoming tell-all book. She protested, “I don’t have a book coming out. That’s a rumor.” Then with a giggle, she adds this very awkward and embarrassing statement “I don’t read or write.” What the hell did she say? Courtney acts like she’s proud to admit her laziness…

Courtney explained during a red carpet interview, “Lately I’ve been a little bit of a daredevil, and I’m trying to enter into the next chapter of my life, I thought this was kind of a good example to prove to myself that I can do it. It was a huge risk, but I’m glad I did it.” She does admit that she’s still getting used to the idea of looking at herself with dark brunette hair, “It’s really new. When I walk by a mirror I’m thinking I’m blonde,” she said of the makeover, which happened earlier this week. Like, ‘Oh my God — who is that? It’s me!'” She then happily added, “I feel born again, I’m excited to go out and see the life of a brunette.” That’s great!

Courtney Stodden at Ventura Beach - December 2013

Most of us wonder what exactly are Courtney’s plans after her recent split from her husband? She says, “Right now, I am focusing on different things than wanting to star on reality TV. I’m not sitting here saying, ‘Okay, what reality show can I do next?'” That might mean taking a step back from the life in the beaming spotlight of fame. But we know that’s almost impossible to do as everything she does is fodder for the media. Courtney told Bethenny, “I’ve learned that I need to be 19. I need to do what regular girls do. I’ve learned throughout my marriage… that right now, a career is great, it’s cool, you know, whatever. I’m not putting it aside, but right now I’m really, really, really wanting to focus on me.” Frankly, it’s not like she doesn’t have any opportunities waiting for her when she wants them. Courtney says, “The second I turned 18, the entire porn industry turned upside down [coming after me]. I turned down a $5 million porn offer three months ago.” Courtney claims that she really isn’t interested in doing porn and the rest of the world shouldn’t assume that she would ever go that dirty route. We have heard this diatribe before.

Courtney elaborated her thoughts on being a plastic type female, “I happen to feel comfortable like this, I like the way I look…. I love the way I look. And I think that’s all that matters. And I think that can empower other people, too, hearing that. And I know people might think this is funny, but I actually feel that I am a true feminist. Because I believe in women.” But she doesn’t read or write? She should really re-evaluate herself. She needs an education. Her mother doesn’t care?

Courtney Stodden Brunette Hair Shopping Parking Lot - December 2013

Since Courtney has lots of time on her hands, she’s been an open book about her life. In another recent interview Courtney had revealed things about her marriage to Doug and the legalities that go along with it. She revealed, “Doug and I were in love, but over time that love shifted into something that wasn’t romantic anymore.” She explained further, “I think the age difference is obvious, and I lacked experience, and I think that definitely is 99.999% of it… I think I didn’t have experience being youthful or experience being single, so definitely the age difference and the lack of experience.” She got personal and said “Our sex was good, I’m not going to lie, but I’m a young girl who wants to experience sex of all kinds and he’s an older man and he’s slowing down a little bit. I just wanted more sex.”

Courtney surprisingly admits, “I did offer him a prenup but he did not want to sign one. I offered and he said, ‘I don’t want to do that because I trust you and we’re getting married.’ He didn’t want a prenup. So we’ve talked about what we want to do financially now.” It’s not only their sorted financial issues they are working on as it had also been reported last month that Courtney and Doug were still shacking up together in the same house, “I feel like I may move out eventually but right now this is working out and we’ll see where it takes us.” Courtney is already planning her career which she thinks will include a number of reality shows and a fashion line.

Courtney Stodden Brunette Hair Shopping Ralphs Parking Lot - December 2013

In retrospect getting married at 16-years-old had it’s disadvantages. Courtney found that out after a couple of years of marriage to her husband Doug. She says, “Most 16-year-olds instead of getting their marriage license, they get their driver’s license. I feel like I missed out on that, and the regular dating scene and having fun and going out. But I definitely feel like I’ve had an amazing experience as a young girl, but I’m excited to begin this individual adventure and embrace this independence.” She also said that,I’m really looking forward to getting my life together, getting my license, getting a house eventually, meeting new people, working on my career.” Regardless of what some people may think about Courtney’s extreme plastic surgery she had, she admits: “I absolutely had my surgery for me. I don’t believe in going under the knife for anybody but yourself. The truth is, he didn’t want me to do it. I fought him on it. He did not want me getting surgery for anything, but I believe my body is my body. I think plastic surgery is really serious and you have to do it for yourself.” We are really amazed to hear Doug wanted Courtney to stay natural. But on the other hand her body is her temple.

She talked about Doug’s sad reaction to her public flirting with Mario Falcone while she was on “Celebrity Big Brother” UK. She was forthcoming in her explanation and said, “He wasn’t very happy, I’ll be honest. He wasn’t angry with me but I could tell he was so hurt. When I saw him, he had a poker face on and then when we started recapping the show and watching it together, I could see why he would be hurt. I didn’t know it looked that bad, but obviously it did. And that’s not how a wife behaves. I obviously was very apologetic and started crying. He said, ‘I couldn’t even watch it, I just shut it off.’ It was really hard for him to watch and I felt and feel really bad about my behavior.” What an amazing revelation she had about her negative actions while on the reality show. Will she make the mistake again?

Could she have learned her lesson about how to be respectable in the spotlight? Nope, we don’t think so. Since Courtney’s last official red carpet appearance while at the 1st Annual WOWie Awards located in Universal City, California. Regardless of her hair makeover, she didn’t bother wasting time to clean up her wardrobe. Courtney happily bared her huge DD breasts in a neck and chest plunging, super tight fitting red mini-dress which required her to go braless. She’s the epitome of super classy. Yup, every teenager out there should follow her attention whoring lead. What do you think about her new look? Share your thoughts, opinions and comments about this story below…


  1. JustMe says:

    This girl…I really think she used Doug because like it or not, he was in an oscar worthy movie at one point and Im SURE her Mother knew who he was and figured it would jump start her career with his connections. Its a shame she's only 19 and looks 40 in pics and looks 60 on the street. If she doesnt get rid of that flighty dumb blonde attitude she will never make it in anything other than porn and she knows it. I feel the same way you do, soon she will be taking those porn offers as she'll have no money.

  2. Cassandra says:

    Umm, Courtney thinks she's a "true feminist"? This chick is disturbing to me.

    What's more shocking is her mother let her 16 year old daughter marry such an old man to get her start in Hollywood. The world knew their marriage was a failure from the beginning and was going to end within a short time. I agree with the above comment. Its sad to see that Courtney's mom would let her daughter be so thirsty for fame and that desperation went to her mother. Makes me sick.

    Courtney looks old for 19, its hard to believe that she is only a teenager with the way she looks. Her hair is a mess that looks like a dried out mop. Those extensions she is wearing really jacked her natural hair up. Can't she ever close her mouth for any of her pictures? 98% of them show them with her mouth open which is kind of creepy. You can't tell me that she doesn't get high. She's already going to clubs drinking and she's not even 21 yet. Courtney doesn't need "fame" she needs a reality check because she will end up in the 27 club with the way she is going.

    • nissia says:

      See this is what’s really disturbing and sad about feminists…how is she not a feminist? I thought feminism was all for empowering women however they want to be. But if a girl embraces sexuality likes heels or wants to be a stay at home mom you feminists ridicule her or say shes brainwashed. I love heels and short skirts. I dont subscribe to or agree with feminism. And as long as shes not hurting anyone I see nothing wrong.
      I love this sight. You call out some truly awful people like farrah and tila
      unfortunately bashing a young girl who’s experimenting with life and trying to find her place and twisting statements around is bad form. It makes me sad.
      The I dont read or write quotes were obviously sarcastic and she was being glib. Watch the clip again. Regardless, tell me why she isn’t a feminist? She seems comfortable with how she looks and ive never heard her say anything anti feminist. If youre calling yourself a feminist youre subscribing to alot of bullshit.

  3. sympathetic says:

    She's still a kid with a lot of growing up to do. She missed those formative years of messing up and figuring out who she was. Instead she spent them getting married to an old creeper and keeping the tabloids busy. In a way, I feel sorry for her. It's obvious she had no strong female influences growing up, so the only examples she's had to lead her have been that of a woman who birthed her but quite clearly saw her only as a meal ticket. I find that sad…because in essence all it's taught her is that she is a thing designed solely for male pleasure. It's quite obvious in the way she presents herself to the world.

  4. deluwiel says:

    I love how it's always the surgically enhanced weird Barbie dolls with the dyed yellow hair, grotesquely enormous boobs, tiny waists, and balloon butts that declare that they're really "feminists" – it's THEIR bodies, they can do whatever they want to THEIR bodies… true, but what I would like to hear one of these bimbos explain is why. Why do they feel compelled to increase the size of their breasts to the point where they look like a couple of cow udders swinging from their chests? Why is dying their hair piss-yellow a good idea? Why do they love teetering around on 6" high platform shoes that force them to completely change the anatomical functioning of their feet, legs, and spine in order to walk? WHY Courtney? Why? She's going to be so, so pleased with those big ol' booby sacks when she's 40. Oh… and learn to read a fucking book. Jesus.

    • RantingBlonde says:

      I hope you don't consider yourself a feminist with those kinds of views either. That's really quite judgemental.
      What about the girls born blonde, with big boobs and tiny waists? Sometimes it's just genetics.
      Some women dye their hair red, others black, others blonde, you can't judge someone for their choice of style, but you CAN judge them on their attitude, views' and actions.
      Some blonde, big breasted women actually contribute productivity to society, others don't.
      Bimbo sluts exist in all different shapes, sizes, and forms, you can't judge her just because she's blonde.
      I'm pretty sure there are even more overweight dark haired sluts than there are blonde skinny ones, but you just don't hear about them as much because this vain society that we live in would rather give publicity to the gorgeous blonde one of course..

      • deluwiel says:

        RantingBlonde – Of course I realize that women come in all shapes and sizes and appearance certainly SHOULDN'T be a factor in our self worth or how we're perceived professionally or personally. But it is. And it's this bizarre "feminine ideal" of blonde, doe-eyed, absurdly big-breasted, 6' tall models with 0.5% body fat that too many women are locked into believing they must conform to in order to be seen as desirable or worthy or marketable. Style choices, changing hair color, being born with certain measurements is something entirely different than making the decision to surgically 'enhance' and manipulate features and body parts. I certainly am not saying that anybody with blonde hair and an hourglass figure is a bimbo. We both know that's not true. However… in Courtney Stodden's case this is EXACTLY the image she's trying to project, and I would just like to hear her explain her reasons WHY. I would wager it has something to do with "sex sells", whether she can articulate that notion or not. It's everywhere. Girls grow up being surrounded by these images and these perceptions. And so a lovely, fresh teenager now looks like what you see above. She's fallen into the trap created by these ridiculous unrealistic notions of what an attractive desireable female is supposed to look like. So yes. I do consider myself a feminist in that I'm sick of the exploitation and I'm sick of the warped body images. In short – I'm angry at Courtney Stodden and others who for whatever reason feel the need to perpetuate the belief that a young woman is just never going to be accepted or be able to get where she wants to be in life unless she looks like a freakish Stepford Wife by getting herself sliced and diced and stuffed with implants. Judgmental? Yeah. I guess so.

        • nissia says:

          Wow how disgusting of you.
          So you require an explanation for how she looks from her?
          She probably feels sexy and likes that look.
          How about you offer an explanation up for why you feel you need an explanation from her regarding why she looks the way she looks?

          Shes a young girl. Youre either jealous, stupid, or just a bad person.
          I love this sight. Its called out some bad people. But what has this girl done wrong exactly? Besides making a sarcastic comment about not reading or writting?
          She was kidding. Bad journalists take shit out of context and then people like you use it for your petty insults so you can play pseudo elitist.
          Ew. Female bashing of any kind grosses me out.

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