“Shahs of Sunset” Star Mercedes “MJ” Javid Recreates Sexy Christmas Wrecking Ball Pose

Shahs of Sunset - Mercedes Javid Awkward Wrecking Ball Christmas Pose - December 2013

Mercedes “MJ” Javid is a real estate agent living in the Hollywood Hills and a co-star on the Shahs of Sunset. With a very voluptuous figure, MJ admits she grew up conscious of her weight and tried to get help for it, “When I was 14 years old, a doctor… an internist put me on diet pills, which is really like amphetamines,” MJ says that “It was terrible and I felt physically sick from it.” She then quickly quit the diet pills after trying them out. “I’m just gonna be really happy today with who I am,” she said. “Striving for perfection is BS because then you’re going to stay home and hide. I’d rather just be cool with what I have!” Good for her, nothing wrong with having self-esteem and being proud of who you are inside and out.

Since MJ is ultra-confident about her looks and full figure, it appears that reality star MJ’s Christmas spirit is all about the season of goodwill, stripping off your clothes and taking on Miley Cyrus picture version of her music video Wrecking Ball. In recently released Christmas card from the occasional train wreck, who is seen in pictures sticking out her tongue and imitating Miley’s infamous naked pose that left viewers in amazement. Why would MJ want to create this type of awkward scene? It’s kind of unflattering looking at people’s tongues grossly hanging out of their mouths.

Shahs of Sunset - Mercedes Javid in Wrecking Ball Christmas Pose - December 2013

As seen many times on the Shahs of Sunset reality show, now in season 3, MJ and her mother have a very difficult relationship and argue quite frequently. “[My mom] wants everything to be perfect – she wants every hair in place and it’s never going to be that way,” she explained. “So I basically established boundaries with her. Things with my mom are [up and down].” However, MJ and her father have a great relationship and are very close. That’s great to see and we’re happy for her.

MJ is best friends with co-star Reza Farahan who also works with her at Keller Williams Realty. During the Shahs of Sunset season 2 reunion, MJ admitted that she has a criminal history and is a felon, having been convicted of bank fraud in 1994. Mercedes thought she did a good job of hiding her sordid past and legal troubles from Bravo TV producers, but that wasn’t the case as Mercedeh Christine Javid (legal name) was originally denied a real estate license because of a prior conviction and short imprisonment. According to court documents, MJ was convicted of one count of bank fraud, served one month in prison, five months of home confinement, three years of probation and also had to pay a hefty $10,000 restitution fee.

During the incident Mercedeh had been “employed as a bank teller at Home Savings in Beverly Hills, she was approached by four men who asked her to take part in a fraud scheme.” The now deleted court documents and article from Radar Online stated MJ was only 18-years-old. At first MJ refused to aid the men involved, who she said she did not personally know, but who she had recalled seeing at her father’s auto repair shop one year earlier. It was a dirty set up she regrets.

It was reported that MJ’s real estate license had been denied by the California Department of Real Estate because it was “a crime involving moral turpitude and one which is substantially related to the qualifications, functions, and duties of a real estate salesperson.” MJ was eventually given a restricted real estate license after completing her probation requirements, volunteering in the community, obtaining her college degree and also having her supervisors at her real estate firm submit letters on her behalf attesting to “her dedication, hard work, maturity and trustworthiness.” At least she proved herself and got her real estate license back.

Shahs of Sunset - Mercedes Javid Wrecking Ball Candy Cane Christmas Pose - December 2013

During an InTouch interview with the cast of Shahs of Sunset, MJ and Reza told the gossip rag they both had shared love of Christian Louboutin shoes. “I have about $30,000 worth in my closet,” says Reza, while MJ also bragged that she allegedly has “about 60 pairs” of shoes, including Louboutins. We think lots of her money goes to her condo, dog and also always available alcohol but that’s a good thing.

When asked about how their show showcases their Persian lifestyle, MJ says “We are intent on keeping our culture alive: We all speak Farsi and we all want to cook and preserve our culture within the American tradition as well. I am glad that people know about us, because I want the culture to be shown in a positive light.” MJ proudly declared about her weight that “Skinny is not appealing to me.” She elaborated her reasoning, “I am not striving to be thin,” the hard-partying reality star said. “The only person that I really want to please is myself.” MJ said she’s “not ashamed of” her body which she claims fluctuates between the size 8 to 10. Hmm, we wonder if she is really those sizes or maybe she is telling everyone a fib?

Shahs of Sunset - Mercedes Javid Wrecking Ball Christmas Smirk Pose - December 2013

While researching this particular semi-famous celebrity, I found very few articles about MJ and recent interviews. It appears that nobody in the gossip world pays much attention to MJ unless she does something really stupid on TV, Twitter or goes out of her way to emulate well known celebrities in various photo-shoots. Frankly speaking, out of this set of pictures on this article we really don’t have any favorite Christmas cards from MJ as they aren’t very flattering to her body style and not appealing to the eye. MJ has a pretty face, smile and gorgeous hair style. So if we had to choose a Christmas picture, it would be the one shown above covering her superficial flaws.

Shahs of Sunset has been on for awhile now and the drama that comes along with it is very entertaining to say the least. We all enjoy the many silly attention seeking tactics shown to viewers. Unfortunately, its also been reported that the members of the cast happily claim “We Want To Be The Next Kardashians“, which makes us cringe and vomit in disgust. Spiritual Diamond Water developer Asa Soltan Rahmati predicts that only more good things are in their future, “I feel like we might be around longer than the Jersey Shore!” We really do hope for something much more respectable and the cast would want to do more positive things with their lives than be known as trifling scandalous fame whores. Geez… like there isn’t enough already?

What do you think about MJ’s Christmas pics? What about her role in Shahs of Sunset? Do you think she has a drinking problem and is in serious denial? Please share your thoughts, opinions and comments about this semi-new reality show down below…


  1. Karina Shalah says:

    MJ has some issues along with Reza but that is minor stuff that can be fixed between them. They're around the same age so they can relate to each other. MJ does need to lay off the drinking as liquor is full of empty carbs and it would maybe help cut down her weight issues. Every episode we have seen MJ has a drink in her hand and that could be an ironic coincidence but I seriously doubt it. She needs to reevaluate her drinking habits.

    As far as the constant drama between the rest of the cast, GG perpetuates the epitome of hypocritical crazy psycho females who needs anger management classes along with some addiction counseling, because she is real evil bitch when she drinks. She needs a reality check.

    Asa is a cool girl who has lots of dreams that maybe the reality show will help her achieve, she's not that bad but a fence rider between the crew. Mike doesn't know what he wants to do with his life and is always waiting for a handout it seems. He is always busy blaming Reza for his lack of business skills and ethic, he is definitely the spoiled child of his family. Reza has a lot of personal issues that he is trying to deal with. When he decided to live the full gay lifestyle and be with only men considering he was known to be sleeping with only women back in the day before he got "famous". I see he is in between and is in a lost space, he should seek more counseling to help him work through it.

    Lilly is a narcissistic self-serving righteous "Persian Barbie" who thinks everyone owes her something for being their "friend". I think its time someone knock the bitch off her high horse she rode in on. She doesn't care about anyone of the crew, she is as FAKE as they come. I have tried to like the bitch but she is always complaining and throwing cheap shots at everyone who doesn't follow her lead.

    I was shocked to see that RO had deleted their story exposing MJ's past. They probably got a C&D and freaked out taking the TRUTH down so people can't find out. Oh well looks like they failed at that. Great write up GRR!

  2. Just Me says:

    You're very right about the fact she is pretty and shouldn't have done these photos. She should have done something tasteful and not attention seeking! It's a shame that people will put themselves in these kinds of predicaments just to be like the Kraptrashians who (thank God) are close to being irrelevant now

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