Sunday, May 17, 2020

Let's pray for Tila Tequila's pet fish Icy

I just went to Tila Tequila's Youtube Community page and there she posted about having gotten a pet fish:

The most frightening thing happened: Tila Tequila now has another living creature living under her roof. Let's pray for this poor fish.

She already said in the comments it hasn't got its own tank yet because she "accidentally cracked it cuz of" her "manly strong hands".

Yes. More like she wasn't aware before that comment that a pet fish cannot live the one on the picture.

Also: In the picture description she writes

"As long as Annabelle doesn't get a hold of her and shake her to death lmao!"

What? Why would you assume this of your innocent toddler daughter? It's the most normal thing that children are kind to animals. To later eat them and their secretions and eggs is the unnatural thing to do that society makes people think that is normal, not to love and care for them. What did Tila Tequila do to her children that she really assumes that they would be as sick as herself and violently shake them to death?!

What goes on in this household?!


Tila Tequila didn't understand a thing.

Why would you assume "warrior qualities" and strength only comes with males? How can you be an almost 40-year-old mother and think like this when you have two daughters to raise and teach values?

Tila Tequila writes

"... but I remembered that I have lots of male warrior qualities about myself as well so perhaps this female fish is just called a "He".

What nonsense.

And how narcissistic do you have to be to make even a posting about a pet fish about yourself?

Lord, please save this poor fish from Tila Tequila.


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